Barbecue sessions


World-renowned Rod Gray BBQ demos

Kansas may be known as the wheat state, and with good reason. We’re also in the heart of ranchland where high-quality beef is known worldwide. Barbecue sessions will not be out-of-place at National Festival of Breads. Outside in Blue Earth Plaza, BBQ demos will be centerpiece to multiple events. That's where you'll find Pellet Envy's top man on the grill. Rod Gray has made his name from competitive barbecue events and is listed among 25 most influential people in BBQ by

Gray provides hot tips for your home grill during demo sessions with the Backyard Kitchen barbecue accessories store owner Aaron Nickell. The Backyard Kitchen is located at 2007 Fort Riley Boulevard in Manhattan.

Barbecue sessions schedule

9 AM  Backyard Kitchen demonstration
10AM Rod Gray demo, Pellet Envy
11AM Cox BBQ beer/food sales
           Past Blasters retro music
Noon Rod Gray demo
1 PM  Past Blasters music
2 PM  Rod Gray demo

National Festival of Breads schedule
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